Sunday, February 26, 2012

Colorado River

Colorado River is also famous in the world history.As the largest river in the Southwest, the Colorado was heavily developed in the twentieth century by a system of dams, reservoirs and canals. These works furnish water to nearly 40 million people both inside and outside the watershed, whose shares are carefully managed according to a series of treaties collectively known as the "Law of the River". However runoff declines brought on by climate change have caused over-allocation of the Colorado, a river already considered among the most regulated in the world. Annual deficit in Colorado River flow could lead to severe shortages in the next fifty years, greatly endangering hydroelectricity generation and water supply.This river is the biggest river in this state.This river supply to others rivers who have not some speed.

Colorado River Beautiful
Colorado River Beautiful
Colorado River Beautiful picture
Colorado River Nice Scene
Colorado River Beautiful Place and River

Colorado Mountains

A little over one third of the area of Colorado is flat and rolling land. East of the Rocky Mountains are the Colorado Eastern Plains of the High Plains, the section of the Great Plains within Colorado at elevations ranging from roughly 3,350 to 7,360 feet (1,020 to 2,240 m). The midwest plains states of Kansas and Nebraska border Colorado to the east and northeast. The Colorado plains are usually thought of as prairies, but actually they have many patches of deciduous forests, buttes, and canyons, much like the high plains in New Mexico as well. Eastern Colorado is presently mainly covered in farmland, along with small farming villages and towns. Precipitation is fair, averaging from 15 to 25 inches (380 to 630 mm) annually.This city have big qualities in himself.I like this city and country so much.Because my parents were live here almost 4 years.If you are have some thing in your mind about the Colorado so let me know.Thanks for visit here.

Colorado Mountain beautiful scene
Colorado Mountain Very beautiful Picture
Colorado Mountain Snow Picture
Colorado Mountain Absolutely very Beautiful
Colorado Mountain Very beautiful scene In this picture

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colorado US

Capital : Denver
(and largest city
Largest metro area : Denver-Aurora-Broomfield MSA
Area : Ranked 8th in the U.S.
Total : 104,094 sq mi
(269,837 km2)
Width : 380 miles (612 km)
Length : 280 miles (451 km)
water : 0.36%
Latitude : 37°N to 41°N
Longitude : 102°03'W to 109°03'W
Population : Ranked 22nd in the U.S.
Total : 5,116,796 (2011 estimate)
Density : 49.3/sq mi (19.0/km2)
Ranked 37th in the U.S.
Median income : $56,993 (13th)
Highest point : Mount Elbert
14,440 ft (4401.2 m)
Mean : 6,800 ft (2070 m)
Lowest point : Arikaree River
3,316 ft (1011 m)
Before statehood : Territory of Colorado
Admission to Union : August 1, 1876 (38th State)

Colorado US Very Beautiful Scene
Colorado US Very Nice
Colorado US Green Picture
Colorado US City
Colorado US Horse

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Capital : Denver
Area : 104,091 sq mi
269,596 sq km
(2000 census) 4,301,261
Major Cities
(2000 census) Denver (554,636), Colorado Springs (360,890),
Aurora (276,393), Lakewood (144,126),
Fort Collins (118,652)
Major Rivers : Colorado, Arkansas, South Platte, Rio Grande, Yampa
Highest Point : Mt. Elbert
14,433 feet
4,399 meters
Industry : scientific instruments, food processing, machinery, electrical equipment, fabricated metal products, gold and other mining, tourism
Agriculture : cattle, wheat, corn, dairy products, hay
Minerals and Resources petroleum, coal,natural gas, gold, lead.

Colombian Food

Colombian Food
Colombian Food
Colombian Food Eggs and other vitamin Foods
Colombia Food with Chips
Colombian Foods

Colombian New and Red Foods

Colombia Beaches

Country : Colombia
Department : Bolívar
Region : Caribbean
Foundation : June 1, 1533 by Don Pedro de Heredia
• Mayor : Campo Elías Terán Dix
• City : 572 km2 (221 sq mi)
Elevation : 1 m (3 ft)
Population (2006)
• City : 892,545
• Rank : Ranked 5th
• Density : 1,560.4/km2 (4,041/sq mi)
• Metro : 1,239,430

Colombia Beaches
Colombia Beaches A Man Ride on The Horse in the River
Colombia Beaches A Scene
Colombia Beaches
Colombia Beaches A Scene
Colombia Beaches Scene Of The River Water

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Country : Romania
County : Actual Cluj county CoA.png Cluj
Metropolitan area : Cluj-Napoca metropolitan area
Status : County capital
Founded : 1213 (first official record as Clus)
• Mayor : Sorin Apostu (PD-L)
• Deputy Mayor : Radu Moisin (PD-L)
• Deputy Mayor : László Attila (UDMR)
• City : 179.5 km2 (69.3 sq mi)
• Metro : 1,537.5 km2 (593.6 sq mi)
Population (2011 census[3])
• City : 309,136
• Density : 1,722/km2 (4,460/sq mi)
• Metro : 392,562

Christopher Wren Buildings

Location: : Williamsburg, Virginia
Coordinates: 37°16′15″N 76°42′33″W / 37.27083°N 76.70917°W / 37.27083; -76.70917Coordinates: 37°16′15″N 76°42′33″W / 37.27083°N 76.70917°W / 37.27083; -76.70917
Built: 1700
Architect: Christopher Wren
Architectural style: Renaissance
Governing body: State
NRHP Reference#: 66000929
Significant dates
Added to NRHP: October 15, 1966
Designated NHL: October 9, 1960

Chiswick House

Type : Historic house
Architectural style : Neo-Palladian villa
Address : Burlington Lane
Town or city : London Borough of Hounslow, Greater London
Country : England
Coordinates : 51°29′1″N 0°15′31″W / 51.48361°N 0.25861°W / 51.48361; -0.25861
Groundbreaking : 1726
Completed : 1729

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cartagena Colombia

Colombia is big and largest country of the world.Bogota is the capital of Colombia.Colombia official language is Spanish.Colombia is the best and lovely country in the world.Some time I was going there for taking some official job by my partners.Some times my friends that belong with Colombia came here at my house and my country for tour.They are said me if you want to know about my country so you can take it easy.Me and my friends are navigation on the mountain.If you are wanna know more information about the Colombia so you may visit my blog and let me know.Thanks for like it.

Cartagena Colombia Street Way
Cartagena Colombia Beautiful Picture
Cartagena Colombia Mosque
Cartagena Colombia Building Picture
Cartagena Colombia Beautiful Scene
Cartagena Colombia Beautiful Picture